How to Cope with Tinnitus.

This is my personal story about Tinnitus in my life. How I coped with Tinnitus and the remedies available to help you.


Indian Head Massage to help with Tinnitus.

What has helped me with Tinnitus…

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What helped me with Tinnitus may help you.


What caused Tinnitus for me…

In my personal opinion, Tinnitus can be caused by stressful situations ie a stressful lifestyle, or a pressured work environment. For a long time, I have been driving a black taxi for a living and I found about a year ago that I developed Tinnitus during a particularly stressful time.
People might not think that driving a taxi is a stressful job but the number of drivers I have heard of with heart problems and stress problems is very high indeed.

Tinnitus on my part started and it appeared when I was driving especially long-distance and dropping people off far away because that’s when you have passengers in the car for the longest period of time. Passengers may have had a lot to drink, so they say and do things they normally would not.


My job led to tinnitus.

They may feel that winding up the driver is very funny or shouting lewd or vulgar words will get a reaction from the taxi driver. Unfortunately, they do not realize that the driver has their safety as a priority and will simply try to get them home without incident.

We might not feel the stress at that time but a clue is – feel the back of your neck and it’s really stiff and it’s not malleable, you know that you are stressed and if Tinnitus is present at this point you need to relieve the stress by taking time off work and just relaxing and maybe even changing your job or changing the times that you work.

There are other reasons we might get Tinnitus which are discussed on this website.

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More Help with Tinnitus

Things you can do to ease the effects of Tinnitus.

Try to relax –deep breathing&yoga exercises may help. Try to find ways to improve your sleep, such as sticking to a bedtime routine or cutting down on caffeine. Join a support group – talking to other people with tinnitus may help you cope.

Some help for Tinnitus at home.

Consider investing in ear protection if you are in an environment with loud noises such as noisy machinery or crowded places. Try to find a place to de-stress and bring your stress levels down. Identify stress areas in your life and see these can be avoided. Make a music playlist that you find soothing and relaxing. This will help you to relax and unwind. Remove excess ear wax. A little olive oil can help in the ears but do not use objects inserted into the ears. Whale sounds, relaxing country sounds, wind chimes, and rainfall are just a few of the sounds that you can use to relax.

Talk about Tinnitus with others.

Talking about tinnitus is a popular coping strategy for people who suffer from tinnitus. Taking part in a support group allows you to connect with people who are going through a similar thing. If you prefer personal guidance and support, booking regular sessions with a counsellor can help.
Counselling or group therapy can help relieve any stress or anxiety caused by Tinnitus. 

I hope we can help you with the information on this website, as much of it helped me.

This website has many pages with help for Tinnitus sufferers.
Some of these methods have helped me but any advice or suggestions are used by you, the reader by your own volition and we cannot accept any responsibility for any consequences.