Can Diabetes Cause Tinnitus?

Can Diabetes Cause Tinnitus? Diabetes can cause issues with your blood flow, which in turn can affect your hearing system. The hair cells which transmit sound are sensitive in your inner ear and they can become damaged thus triggering tinnitus feedback.

I have had diabetes for many years now and I have had tinnitus for 2 years. So sometimes I question whether my diabetes caused the tinnitus or whether it was caused by something else. Let’s have a look at diabetes and tinnitus and see if they are related.

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Prolonged high blood sugar will lead to damage in the eighth cranial nerve – this is the nerve that’s responsible for sending input signals to your inner ear, which then goes to the brain, this damage cause tinnitus.

Does Diabetes Cause Tinnitus? Know More About The Effects Caused.

Diabetes is a common health condition, infecting around 3 million people globally. With record-high problems of diabetes every year, this condition is now widespread among individuals of all health groups. The increase in sugar intake is a triggering factor that causes diabetes. Other known factors that can also cause this complicated health issue are:

  • Lack of proper diet.

  • Lack of exercise.

  • Consuming too much oily and greasy food.

  • Leading an unhealthy lifestyle

  • Sugar intake.

There are mainly three types of diabetes, namely Type1, Type2, and Type3 diabetes. Type3 diabetes is the most critical stage of all. Diabetic individuals face a lot of side effects and these symptoms start from an early age itself. The subjectivity of this ailment hampers the daily of the individual and restrictions are imposed accordingly. A quite problematic side-effect of diabetes is Tinnitus.

Tinnitus refers to the condition of a ringing sensation in your ears. One of the greatest causes of Tinnitus is diabetes and the levels vary from one stage to another. In other words, individuals diagnosed with Tinnitus can have multiple health conditions, and diabetes is one of them. In extreme cases, Tinnitus can lead to permanent hearing loss and the damage is quite difficult to amend later on. Tinnitus can lead to multiple effects as well like vascular conditions, low metabolic rate, etc.

Blood flow and the inner ear: Can Diabetes Cause Tinnitus?

All individuals need to understand the circumstances of diabetes and Tinnitus. How can diabetes contribute to Tinnitus? Is there any way of recovery?

Well, when you consume too much sugar, the spike in sugar levels is quite the improper action taking place in your body. The increase in glucose level is too unhealthy and this makes your blood thicker day by day. When you do not receive proper treatments for the same, diabetic patients, start to feel a numbing sensation, especially in the ears. Excess sugar in the blood contributes to this cause, resulting in a lack of oxygen and airflow to the ears.


Since the blood flow is quite restricted in nature, your inner ear will start to vibrate and cause pain. The auditory nerves start getting destroyed due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen. As a result, the condition of Tinnitus is born. This condition starts to get worse and worse until and unless proper treatment isn’t organized for at the initial levels.

The inner ear is considered the most sensitive part of the whole organ. The spike of sugar levels in your body stops proper airflow and blood flow to the inner region of your ear, causing hearing loss for some individuals. The damage is seen in the ‘’eighth cranial nerve’’, responsible for all your auditory functions. Since your ear cannot receive any form of sounds, the condition of Tinnitus starts to worsen.

For some individuals out there, even if you are at the first stage of diabetes, you can get infected with Tinnitus. It’s all about the thickness of blood and the significant side-effects of the same.

High Blood sugar and ear damage:

Diabetic patients with Tinnitus have a hard time managing life’s day to day activities. High blood sugar decreases essential salts and nutrients in your body, like potassium and sodium. A balance of sodium and potassium is required to maintain good hearing. Because of Tinnitus, the ear damage can be for a lifetime or a temporary phase if proper stages of treatment aren’t taken care of.

To deal with ear damage, diabetic patients need to start taking good control of their lives. There are several measures available that will help to reduce the high blood sugar levels in your body. These include:

  • Managing a stress-free lifestyle.

  • Taking care of food habits.

  • Abstaining from eating high sugary and fried foods.

  • Exercising like yoga, meditation, etc.

  • Regulating hormones in the body.

With all these said, it is also critical for diabetic individuals with Tinnitus to avoid exposure to all kinds of loud noise. To avoid hearing loss and permanent ear damage, proper medications must be sorted out immediately.

Unmanaged Diabetes and Hearing Loss:

It is always possible to bring down your diabetes to the lowest level by adopting some productive lifestyle and diet changes. A quick look at some of the best factors will give you an insight into the same. Since diabetes and hearing loss are connected, it is important to take good care of yourself to avoid permanent hearing loss.

For diabetic individuals, analyzing the symptoms of hearing loss is important. What are the symptoms of hearing loss? Well, these are as follows:

  • If you feel a constant hammering sensation or a feeling of heaviness in your ears.

  • If you cannot hear like normal conditions.

  • You are increasing the volume while hearing songs or watching Television.

  • You cannot hear properly when a person is speaking to you.

  • Normal voices are hard to detect.

  • You are focusing too hard while concentrating on hearing a sound.

  • The constant struggle to figure out a sound or noise.

All of the above signs are that of Tinnitus. However, if you feel that you cannot normally hear like before, you are experiencing the numbness in your ear. The outcome of this stage is most likely hearing loss. Unmanaged diabetes, which is diabetes not controlled or taken care of, can lead you to face this terrible situation. So what is the solution left?

The answer is improving your way of life and concentrating on managing diabetes. You do not want to bear the brunt of hearing loss, as it takes a toll on your daily life. With hearing loss comes a lot of other side effects, which takes place slowly and steadily. Once you feel that blood circulation isn’t taking place and there is some problem going on with your ear, seek help from your doctor immediately. Detecting the stage of hearing loss is very important, as it helps you to analyze the present condition of your diabetes as well.

Reducing Sugar Intake helps to alleviate Tinnitus:

One of the best possible solutions that you must afford to take up is to consume less sugar to prevent Tinnitus and diabetes. The side-effects of too much sugar intake are quite the reality. Although you will feel good and emotionally satisfied initially, you will eventually feel the side-effects kicking in slowly. The complication of dealing with diabetes and eventually Tinnitus is something that you need to stay away from.

A diabetic individual has finds it difficult to stay strong in life. It is very important to manage diabetes from an early stage itself. The foremost action that you must stand up for is consuming less sugar. Can Diabetes Cause Tinnitus? The amount of sugar that you must take daily is calculated to a few grams only. If you are already suffering from Tinnitus, it is necessary to handle the root cause of it by dealing with Diabetes.


Once you start consuming less sugar, you will feel the difference in your body. Lowering of sugar will certainly bring about a big change, and you can see the results for yourself. Low sugar intake can alleviate Tinnitus, but post-treatment is also required. The symptoms will start to fade away once you introduce the basic lifestyle and dietary changes.

Therefore, to deal with Diabetes and Tinnitus straightaway, individuals must start today without any delay. To prevent this condition from affecting other organs of your body too, bringing down the level of Diabetes will certainly help you in a big way!

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