Can Tinnitus be Temporary?

The various types of Tinnitus are not permanent. It can be temporary at first, and if not taken care of quickly, it can develop into a permanent problem. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know about “Can Tinnitus be temporary?

Some people have not yet known if Tinnitus is a disease or not. Tinnitus, however, is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying medical problem. Tinnitus makes a person hear noises that are not there. The noise can be anything such as whistling or a bell ringing.


The early stages of Tinnitus

Tinnitus affects the hearing of people. It can affect either one ear or both of them (low or high pitched). When a person develops Tinnitus, he or she will start hearing sounds such as;

  • Whistling
  • Chirping
  • Clicking
  • Screeching
  • Hissing
  • Static
  • Roaring
  • Buzzing
  • Musical

The sound volume fluctuates and affects them mostly at night or while sitting in a tranquil place. The noise is unnoticeable at first because most of us are in a “noisy environment” most of the time.

Factors that can make Tinnitus permanent

Several factors can make Tinnitus permanent. They include;

Loud noises

Exposing your ears to loud noises while having Tinnitus will make it develop. Loud sounds can be from machinery, headphones, speakers, and many more will lead to permanent hearing loss. Ensure you work hard to stay in places where there is less noise to avoid these places. Ensure that the ears of the kids are also protected.


Loud noises and tinnitus


Yes, medicine can lead to permanent Tinnitus. Drugs such as antidepressants, anti-inflammatory, cancer drugs, and massive aspirin doses may cause permanent Tinnitus. The higher the dose, the high chances of developing complications you have. Ensure that you visit a doctor if you feel like medicine is affecting your hearing problem. Do plenty of research when you have prescribed any medication. Look up side effects and well-researched articles to make your final decision on taking any particular medicine.


Stress can make the ringing louder in the ears of the affected people. There are many things we can do to reduce stress in our lives. See this article here… Ensure that you do exercises that will bring a relaxing sensation to you. A doctor will help you with ways of avoiding stress if you cannot do it by yourself.

Jaw diseases

The jaw shares nerves with the middle of the ear hence any disease affecting the jaws will lead to ear problems. It will lead to noise in your ears. Ensure that a dentist checks your jaw first when it develops certain complications.


Men experience it more than women. Over 3000 adults were selected randomly in Gothenburg and were questioned about tinnitus. The results of this study showed tinnitus was more common in males. It was also more common in the right ear. Sleep disturbances were common and increased with tinnitus severity. See this report…


There is a sticky substance formed in the ear to trap dirt and protect it. However, when it builds up, it can lead to hearing complications. It can cause temporary Tinnitus, and if not checked early and cured, it will develop into a permanent tinnitus


Smoking cigarettes will cause Tinnitus to be permanent. Cigarettes contain Nicotine that can make the ringing in the ear worse as it will narrow down the blood vessels, which transports oxygen to the ear. It can also lead to very high blood pressure. People who smoke frequently have a high chance of developing permanent Tinnitus.


Some infections can cause permanent Tinnitus that is why it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately you notice that there is an infection that has caused the Tinnitus. For example, you can notice ringing in the ear after experiencing a cold infection that is continuous. Generally, it is supposed to last for a short span, but if the cold causes it to be continuous, it can be permanent. You need to see a doctor immediately if it fills to go away.

Tinnitus goes away for some people.

Tinnitus, just like any other disease, requires proper care. It is a prevalent condition in the world as a vast number of people experience them. Most of the time is temporary and will go on its own for some people. For ample, after going to the stadium for a football match, you may experience the ringing sounds in your ears.

Any temporary tinnitus will vanish on its own after a few days, but you need to know that it is just a result of going to a place with loud sounds. Frequent visits to noisy places may lead to permanent Tinnitus.

Can Tinnitus go away after six months?

The estimated duration of solving the tinnitus problem is 6-12 months before going away on its own. After that period, the Tinnitus must go away. If you continue experiencing the issue, you need to look for a doctor as it may have developed into a permanent condition.

What causes temporary Tinnitus?

You need to know the causes of Tinnitus in order to try to beat them. We have two known causes of this condition. They include;

Damage to the ears because of the loud sounds

When you spend a lot of time in places with loud noises, your hearing will be damaged. It is something that you need to know and try as much as possible to avoid. Ensure that you have ear protection garments if you stay or work in places that have loud sounds. The employer needs to give out the best ear protection garments according to the environment you are working in. it will develop to a permanent when exposed to too much noise over a long time.

Blockage of the ear

The other cause is the blockage of the ear. It can be caused by earwax or growth in the ear. However, studies have shown that they will only lead to temporary Tinnitus because when the ear is cleaned up well, the Tinnitus may fade away in a couple of minutes. Also, a surgery to remove the growth in the ear can help remove the Tinnitus.

However, it is good to visit hearing professionals about your problem. They will thoroughly check your ears and know if there is a blockage affecting them or not. It can also be neurological, and when the cause is solved, the symptoms will disappear faster.

Can Tinnitus be intermittent?

Tinnitus can be both continuous and intermittent in either one ear or both of them. It can also be high pitched or low pitched.

Conclusion re Can Tinnitus be Temporary?

Tinnitus, just like any other condition, requires early detection and treatment. You should not ignore it at first because it can develop into a very permanent and dangerous condition for your body. Ensure you visit a doctor if you experience these problems.


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