Tinnitus and Me.

Me in my Boy Racer car!

2 am in the morning and driving through the Scottish countryside on the country roads – quiet, nobody about except me.

Two huge amplifiers screwed into the rear seat connected to 6 high power speakers with heavy-duty copper wiring and 1980s music playing as loud as I could play it!

20 years old and not a care in the world, just finished work in a restaurant and trying to wind down by playing music and driving.

Little did I know that this extreme volume would eventually affect my hearing in my later years.

That ringing noise that I can hear when it’s quiet and I’m trying to be in a peaceful environment is called tinnitus.

Sometimes the ringing noises are louder in one ear than the other and sometimes I don’t notice it but it is a constant volume “ring” like somebody tinkling a bell and letting the tone go on and on.

On some occasions the noise gets louder for example if I go to a concert or I am in a noisy vehicle or in a crowded place then afterwards the tinnitus is worse.

If I drink too much alcohol then during the night I can wake up with a loud ringing noise in my ears as well.

The best way to deal with it is to have exercise and eat well and drink less.

Also I find relieving stress levels by being with friends or taking a long holiday which is rare.

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