Tinnitus Getting Louder

Tinnitus can get louder if the underlying issues causing Tinnitus are not addressed. The ringing, clicking, or whistling noises are increases by stress and anxiety.

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Tinnitus is the perception of a whistling, ringing, or roaring sound in the absence of any known external sound. According to the American Tinnitus Association (2000), 44 million adults upward experience tinnitus, and about 1 million of that population experience the debilitating effects of tinnitus.

The ringing sound is the most common sound identified by individuals suffering from Tinnitus and the frequency of this sound has been matched to tones between 3 and 4KHz.

In an article put together by Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D., BC-HIS, a study was done to demonstrate if the loudness perception of tinnitus increased as the hearing threshold at 4KHz worsened. It was found through this study that there were strong correlations between the degree to which hearing was lost at 4KHz and the subjective loudness perception of tinnitus.

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Furthermore, it must be noted that a variety of variables determine the extent of Tinnitus as a disorder or a symptom. Hence, it is important to note that there will be variations in the intensities and loudness of the tinnitus signals experience by individuals.
Regardless of the relevance of signal intensity and loudness in tinnitus as a variable, it has not yet been adequately defined and agreed upon. The Klockhoff and Lindblom system has however been employed in defining the different types of loudness in Tinnitus.

The subjects were asked to compare the loudness of their tinnitus with respect to external noise. Based on this test, three levels of loudness were extrapolated. The first level was tagged the weak because the tinnitus was only audible in silent environments.

The second level was tagged moderate because the tinnitus experienced was perfectly masked in an environment filled with loud sound whereas it was audible in environments filled with acoustic sounds. The third level was tagged severe because the loudness of the Tinnitus was audible in all environments.

So, it seems that external negative factors can have an effect on a person which makes their tinnitus sound louder. A loud or stressful work environment, a lack of exercise, and outdoor living can contribute to tinnitus getting louder.

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